Bronies and Pegisisters are a group of men and women in their teenage to adult years and may produce brony art and music.

Brony Music, Art, Stages, and Why they like it.Edit

Brony art and music are both inspired by the show MLP:FIM.Their art consists of pictures and fan-made MLP games that they put a lot of offort to.

The music  is sometimes a beat and a couple of words in a MLP episode that fit in with the beat.

Bronies go through 5 stages before they oficially become a true Brony.

1. they doubt the show because its about ponies and because in earlier generations they were too girly for them and only appeal to girls.

2.they become angry and doubt the show even more.

3.they give up and try out the show.

4.they get sad that they actually really like the show.

5.they become a Brony!Now they will tease other Anti bronies and join the herd!

Bronies usually like the show because of the awesome animation, the cool plots, unique characters, and the amount of thought the creators clearly put into this show.