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be proud to be a brony!

Bronies,as you know,are fans older than 7 years old it is a play of the words 'bro' and 'pony'.It was an animated series made by Lauren Faust.Lauched to the Internet on Oct 10,2010.The works and images were started on a website called 4chan.But,if you think all who watch the show is a brony,you are wrong,some who watched it and hate it have sparked a war of Anti-MLP:FiM v. Bronies.While the war was on-going,the bronies,didn't want to war came to a desicion to make 2 websites that was for and by bronies.Now,after this,they begun making memes for the culture of bronies,some are Brohoof,Don't Feed The Pasparites,Love and Tolerance,and Finally,Welcome to the herd.It is also prochesied that one great brony will usher in the Internet a new era of love and tolerance,and unite the huge herd.If you think I am lying,watch this: