====The following article is about how to become a brony.===== Edit

1: Denial; first, the non-brony will deny that he/she loves/likes MLP:FiM.

2: Anger, some of the non-brony's friends are bronies, and they will try to make him/her watch it,but instead, provokes them into shouting in their faces.

3: Bargaining, the non-brony, thanks to peer pressure, gives the show a chance.

4: Depression, the pre-brony is now always watching the show, and when he/she is in sight, closes the tab that they're watching it on, they are almost torn, since they love the show, but it also sort of sickens them.

The last, but not the least step, number 5: Acceptance, the pre-brony is now comforted by his/her friends that are bronies, telling them that the're millions of other bronies, and accepts that he/she is officially a brony.

Five Stages of Brony Development06:11

Five Stages of Brony Development

this where i had the idea


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